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Low Air Flow Freezes Pumps!

This post is an addendum to the post titled Air-Supply Considerations For An Air Motor On A Molten Metal Pump. The primary reason for molten metal pump freezing is “slow starts.” A slow-start is defined as slowly increasing the motor RPM. When a transfer pump is slow-started, the hot metal flows gradually into a cooler riser. …


Expertly Optimized Solutions

High Temperature Systems, Inc. has a long history of being a solution provider in the melt department by developing, manufacturing, and installation guidance for molten metal circulation and transfer pumps. In the past two years, we have made significant changes in our business that allow us to become a true Solution Partner by providing higher …


Impeller Types and Purposes

Three Main Types of Impellers We offer three different types of impellers for many of our molten metal pumps. (The impeller is the vaned wheel that spins inside the pump base.) The impeller and its interaction with the pump base (and base volute) largely determine the performance characteristics of a given pump design. Each impeller ...

Circulate Continuously – Transfer on Demand

Chameleon Series Aluminum Pumps Circulate Continuously – Transfer on Demand Customized to Your Application PLC Controlled for Dependable Operation Patented Dual Volute Technology Patented Removable Riser Patented High Volume Impeller Well Size Limitations No Longer Drive Compromise A recent survey of installed aluminum reverb furnaces found that most included a pump well only large enough …


Pump Installation Planning Guidelines – Part 2 – Pump Startup Scheduling

Overview In Part 1 we discussed the pump installation planning from the highest level. We identified the typical stakeholders, and we briefly touched on each stakeholders concerns and goals. The project’s overall schedule is scalable and is highly dependent upon the size of the operation, the number of furnaces, and the role the furnaces play …


Air Supply Considerations for an Air Motor on a Molten Metal Pump

Our pumps are offered with air motor options. Air motor benefits include: No electrical connections and associated complexities. Pump speed is easily controlled by regulating the air pressure. The pump can be run from a nitrogen bottle during maintenance or emergencies. Air motors run cooler than ambient temperatures. Air motors are lighter weight than their …


Graphite – Non-Wetting in Molten Zinc

Graphite is a fantastic refractory material. Graphite’s characteristics include a very low thermal coefficient of expansion, high-temperature tolerance, light weight, and relatively low cost. There are other materials that can be used to build zinc pumps such as MoW or Moly-Tungsten, but the MoW is very expensive and hard to work resulting a pump that is …


3-Phase Motor Running Backwards? Updated 28-Jan-2016

Updated 28-Jan-2016 Editors Note: This post is one of the most frequently viewed on our website. This can be attributed to the high frequency of worn and damaged wiring. With proper electrical maintenance and pump startup procedures, this problem can be 100% eliminated.  3-Phase Motors used on Molten Metal Pumps Nearly all the electric motors …


Why should I use a circulation pump? Updated 25-Jan-2016

Updated 25-Jan-2016 Early Reverb Furnace Designs The reverberator (reverb) furnace has been in use since medieval times. This diagram shows a primitive reverberatory furnace of an early design. The entire furnace could be constructed from natural refractory materials such as clay. This design has a range of limitations that has led to the modern reverb furnace. For …

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