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Low Air Flow Freezes Pumps!

This post is an addendum to the post titled Air-Supply Considerations For An Air Motor On A Molten Metal Pump. The primary reason for molten metal pump freezing is “slow starts.” A slow-start is defined as slowly increasing the motor RPM. When a transfer pump is slow-started, the hot metal flows gradually into a cooler riser. …


Graphite – Non-Wetting in Molten Zinc

Graphite is a fantastic refractory material. Graphite’s characteristics include a very low thermal coefficient of expansion, high-temperature tolerance, light weight, and relatively low cost. There are other materials that can be used to build zinc pumps such as MoW or Moly-Tungsten, but the MoW is very expensive and hard to work resulting a pump that is …


Re-use of a Graphite Pump – Not a Warped Idea – Update 11-Jan-16

Updated 11 January 16 Unlike stainless steel pumps, graphite pumps can be quickly and easily reintroduced into the molten metal bath, and the pump will operate with the same efficiency as when removed from the melt. This capability is because graphite retains its structural and dimensional integrity while stainless steel becomes flexible and deforms at …


New Poseidon Series Molten Metal Circulation Pump Brings Radical Dross Reduction

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Poseidon Series Molten Metal Circulation Pump Brings Radical Dross Reduction Chagrin Falls, Ohio – May 22, 2014 – High Temperature Systems, Inc., a world leader in non-ferrous molten metal circulation and transfer technology, announces the introduction of the Poseidon Series molten metal circulation pump. The Poseidon Series pump design is essential …


Like a Launder, Only Better!

A launder is used to transport molten metal. The basic construction of a launder is a steel trough lined with refractory material to insulate the molten metal from the steel. (Insulating both thermally and chemically.) The molten metal will lose heat as gravity draws it down the launder. If the heat is lost too fast, …


Pre-Storage Pump Inspection – Maintenance Pumps

Factory Evaluation Any or all components can be sent to High Temperature Systems, Inc. for inspection and evaluation. The most accurate evaluation requires complete chemical removal of the metal from the graphite surfaces. This is especially true for proper inspection of the pump base. Contact High Temperature Systems, Inc. prior to shipment of any components. …


Preparing the Pump for Storage – Operational Assessment and Removal from Metal

Operational Assessment – Before Removing the Pump from the Metal About 10% of pumps are used exclusively for scheduled furnace maintenance. Between usages, these pumps need to be properly stored and maintained. The first step to good pump maintenance is an operational assessment. Study the pump’s operation prior to de-energizing and removal from the molten …


Rock Catcher Basics

Rock Catchers are used to keep large chunks of material from interfering with proper pump operation. Rocks, chunks, clumps, are all terms to describe material in the melt that is a bit too large to flow through the impellers orifices. Rocks are comprised of: Chunks of scrap that have not fully melted. These will eventually melt …


Updated Q501 QuickPump Brochure

We just updated the Q501 QuickPump Brochure: Q501A QuickPump Brochure 20131027pdm


Press Release: Q501 Series QuickPump for $4995.00!

We are proud to officially announce a NEW Q501 Series QuickPump. (Press Release) The QuickPump is priced at $4995.00 USD and is IN STOCK NOW!