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Dual Discharge Pump (Al, Zn, Pb)

Patented Dual-Volute Design

The patented Dual-Volute design eliminates the need for complex heated valves and associated reliability issues. The simple pneumatic cylinder control design moves the impeller between volutes. This is the same technology used in our Chameleon Pump to select between circulate mode and transfer mode.

Selectable Output

The Dual Discharge Configuration allows the operator (or integrated controller) to direct the molten metal output stream between one of two spouts. This configuration can support transfer of metal from holding furnaces or crucibles to die casting tools; or from a furnace to holding crucibles.

Compact Design

The Dual Volute 2V1002A shown here has a small base that can easily fit within a small crucible that holds only 2000 lbs of aluminum. This compact design is also scalable to accommodate even the largest applications requiring the transfer of 10 or more tons per minute.

Motor and Controller Option

The 2V1002A shown here is configured with an Air Motor; however Electric Motor options are available. The electric motor is a 3-phase induction motor compatible with inverter type motor speed controllers. We also offer custom controllers to assist in automation of pump functions such as on/off flow, variable pump speed, and spout selection.


The 2V1002A design is compatible with Aluminum, Zinc, and Lead.

2V1002A Dual Discharge Dosing Pump