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Flux Injection (RotoJect)

Manual “fluxing” typically involves broadcasting granular flux across the accessible molten surface of the furnace or crucible. In most cases, the flux must then be manually incorporated into the melt using a long handled tool. Even distribution of the flux throughout the melt is difficult, time consuming, and hazardous.

Semi-automatic flux injection offers a significant improvement over manual fluxing. Semi-Automatic flux systems use a hollow graphite lance to inject flux below the metal surface. The operator manually guides the lance to ensure every region of the furnace well or crucible is serviced. The automation capabilities of the flux injection system regulate the duration and flux rate for predictable dosing. Unlike the competition that use venturi-based flux metering system, the RotoJect systems use an auger-based metering system for significantly more accurate dosing.


  • Single-switch operation for repeatable outcomes
  • Programmable (PLC-Based) controller for flexibility and control
  • Auger-based flux metering system for accurate dosing
  • Digital readout of key parameters such as flux-rate
  • Momentary high-pressure purge clears lance (programmable or manual override)
  • Continuous flux agitation prevents clumping and ensures even flow
  • Easy-fill tank speeds and simplifies loading/unloading and cleaning

 Options (at time of purchase)

  • Canister Level Sensor and Automatic Level-Low Shut Off
  • Touch screen operator interface
  • Fully-custom automation capabilities
  • Signal Light Tower for fully-automated environments
Flux Injection System