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Molten Metal Pump

Eliminate the risk and inefficiency of manual tapout with high performance transfer pumps.

Maximize your furnace efficiency and reduce melt loss with high performance circulation pumps.

Dual mode pump combines both circulation and transfer on-demand into a single highly reliable pump system.

Dross Pumps, Zinc Spray Coating Pumps, Stainless Steel Lead Pumps, etc. High Temperature Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of speciality application pumps.

Circulate and Transfer Molten Metal

During smelting and casting operations, molten metal must be circulated and transferred. This can be accomplished manual with considerable effort and risk; or it can be done automatically with a molten metal pump.

Critical to Metal Quality and Operational Efficiency

Circulating molten metal improves metal quality, improves melt rates, reduces metal loss, reduces dross, reduces energy requirements, and is key to maintaining clean equipment.

Control and Safety

Transferring molten metal out of a furnace or crucible can be accomplished by ladling, tapping-out, tipping or pumping. In most cases, pumping offers the greatest control and safety.