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OXI Ram Degassing Station

Available in Crucible Mount (Portable) or Pedestal Mount Configurations

Exclusive Features

  • Anti-vortex sleeve improves gas dispersion.
  • Inert gas shaft sleeve injection displaces metal in the shaft sleeve; reducing dross, and increases shaft lifetimes.
  • Low RPM high efficiency gas dispersion rotor extends shaft lifetimes.


  • Electric or Air Motor
  • Custom Shaft Lengths
  • Control Panel (for Electric Motor Option)
  • Crucible mount or stand mount.
  • Pneumatic/hydraulic lift.
  • Gas mixing panel for multi-gas injection.
  • Integrated Flux Injection on Pedestal Mount Units.

Typical Specification

  • 3 to 7 HP motor
  • 1200 RPM


Degassing Rotors

Rotary Degassing Shafts