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Poseidon Molten Metal Circulation Pump

Extraordinary Performance

  • Radically Reduced Dross
  • Highest Circulation Efficiency
  • Highest MTBF and Lowest MTTR

Traditional post and shaft pump designs have a few intrinsic limitations:

  1. Atmospheric Mixing – The vortex formed by the spinning shaft acts to incorporate atmospheric gases into the melt which accelerates dross formation.
  2. Shaft Dross Accumulation – Dross buildup on the shaft further accelerates dross formation by amplifying the vortex.
  3. Surface Turbulence – The shaft generated vortex, amplified by shaft dross buildup, generates turbulence and waves on the surface of the molten metal in the pump well. These waves increase surface area and impinge on the sidewalls further accelerating dross generation.
Poseidon Open Shaft Generates Dross Slide
Poseidon Molten Metal Pump Cutaway Anatomy

Unique Patent Pending Design

Key features include:

  • Structural Shaft Sleeve –  The shaft sleeve serves the dual purpose of fully enclosing the pump shaft and providing mechanical integrity between the base and the motor mount. The reduces dross generation by containing the shaft vortex and associated turbulence.
  • Shaft Sleeve Gas Injection Port – The gas injection port is used to displace the molten metal from the shaft sleeve using either nitrogen or argon. This reduces dross generation and dross buildup on the shaft and shaft sleeve.
  • Gas Escape Ports – The location of the gas escape ports regulates the metal depth within the shaft sleeve. This feature prevents metal level variations within the pump well from adversely affecting pump performance.
  • Top Metal Inlet Ports – The top inlets allow metal to flow into the top of the impeller when a top or bottom-top feed impeller is used.
  • Enclosed Motor Shaft Coupling – Unlike open frame motor mounts, the Poseidon has a fully enclosed motor shaft coupling mount. This not only enables pressurizing the shaft sleeve, but also provide additional safety by full containing all coupling components in a heavy steel enclosure.

Poseidon Series Performance

  • Reduced Dross – Users report substantial reduction in dross generation. While dross reduction levels vary with furnace size, circulation rates, and pump size; the use of the Poseidon Series pump uniformly creates significantly less dross than traditional open post pumps.
  • Extended Component Life – With the shaft and impeller operating in an oxygen free atmosphere, the components last longer than with traditional open post pumps.
  • Lower Energy Consumption – When the shaft sleeve is pressurized, the mechanical drag on the shaft from the molten metal is reduced. This energy has been characterized as hundreds of watts or up to 10% of pump power consumption.
Poseidon Molten Metal Pump Cutaway Showing Metal Displacement