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Circulation Pumps (Al, Zn, Pb, Mg)

Advantages of Circulation Pumps

  • Improved Metal Quality – improves mixing and ensures homogeneity
  • Reduced Energy Costs – by accelerating melt rates
  • Reduced Melt Loss – reduces oxidation
  • Improved Furnace Refractory Life – by helping to clean sidewalls and corners
  • Increased Production Throughput – reduces furnace cycle times
Metal Temp Uniformity

Circulation helps reduce temperature extremes and reduces energy costs.

Dross Generation Graph

Elevated temperatures radically increase the rate of dross generation. Circulation reduces temperature extremes and surface dross generation.

BT Series (Al, Zn, Pb, Mg, Na)

BT25ESDGI Circulation Pump with Gas Injection

The BT Series pumps draw from both the top and bottom of the base. This increases flow and keeps a cleaner well.

ChipDog (Al)

The Chipdog Series is optimized for Aluminum Circulation and Transfer.  The Chipdog draws from the top of the base.

BullDog (Zn, Pb)

The Bulldog Series replaces the posts with a shaft sleeve that reduces the foot print and is suitable for zinc applications.

Coriolis (Al) Melt System

Coriolis Melt System

The Coriolis Series uses a dual discharge pump to drive a charge vortex and circulation with a single pump.