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Melt System (Aluminum)

Coriolis and Furnace Rendering Small

Melt System and Furnace Circulation

Unlike other system, the Coriolis features a dual-volute pump that provides two independent streams of molten metal to both melt chips and provide furnace circulation. Competitive systems either require a separate circulation pump or struggle to provide adequate furnace circulation. Proper circulation is required to ensure efficient heat transfer during the melting process.

Standard and Custom Configuration

The Coriolis Melt System is available in four standard sizes (see bottom of page) and can be configured to specification for a nominal additional cost.

Patented Technology

The dual-volute technology is patented and only available from High Temperature Systems, Inc. No other pump manufacturing is licensed to provide this crucial capability. Through the use of a dual-volute pump, there is always a proper balance between the melt flow and circulation flow.

Besides the dual-volute pump, there are several other patents covering the melt system with respect to the vortex bowl design that enable balanced melting and circulation.

High Temperature Systems, Inc. has a rich portfolio of patented technologies. These technologies are exclusive to High Temperature Systems, Inc. and are not license to any other manufacturer.

Coriolis Dual Volute Melt System
dual discharge chameleon pump for coriolis melt system

The patented dual volute technology provides independent streams of molten aluminum for melting and circulation. As shown at the left, the pump provides metal discharge from both the base and the riser. The diagram on the right shows the dual streams of metal interfacing with the Coriolis Block. The upper stream from the riser drives the vortex mixer, while the stream from the base draws metal from the base of the vortex and provides a strong stream for furnace circulation.

Coriolis Melt System

The Coriolis Melt System also includes a self aligning pump mount that ensures that the pump aligns with the Coriolis Block after being services. The mount takes the guesswork out of services in the system and reduces downtime.

Coriolis Melt System Photo

Coriolis Melt Systems are available in a range of standard sizes, and customer sizes are available for a nominal additional fee. Our engineers can help you with sizing the system for your applications.