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The Affordable Alternative

At 60% the cost of similar pumps, the Q501 Series QuickPump brings the benefits of transfer pumps within range of all potential users.

Simple, Reliable, and Cost Effective

The Q501 Series QuickPump pricing breakthrough is the result of elegant design and streamlined manufacturing. The complete pump consists of only eight major components, of which only four components are exposed to the molten metal. All components of the pump are field replaceable units and typical repair times are less than 15 minutes.

No Compromises

The QuickPump is constructed from the same high quality materials using the same time tested manufacturing processes as all our molten metal pumps. All graphite components benefit from High Temperature Systems post-fabrication proprietary oxidation-resistant treatment to significantly extend the lifespan of the pump.


The Q501 Series QuickPump is ideal for a number of mission critical applications including production and maintenance operations. Production applications include transferring metal between furnace, transfer ladles, crucibles, and casting machines; thus eliminating the need for slower and more hazardous manual ladling or tapping out. The Q501 makes quick work of furnace pump-outs that are required for regular furnace maintenance and alloy changes. Finally, the QuickPump is at the ready to address emergency situations which require emptying the furnace into sows.

  • Emergency Pump-Outs – Keep a QuickPump warmed up for emptying a furnace into sows on short notice. Equipped with an air motor, the QuickPump can operate even during power outages using bottled or house nitrogen.
  • Planned Furnace Maintenance – Use a QuickPump to reduce maintenance times by accelerating furnace pump-outs.
  • Empty Crucibles – Many crucibles are not rated for tipping at full capacity. Use a QuickPump to quickly pump out a crucible.
  • Fill Transfer Ladles – The QuickPump is ideal for filling small transfer ladles.
  • Alloy Changes – Transfer between furnaces or into sows during an alloy transition.

 Compact and Lightweight

The QuickPump allows for manual or automated transfer of molten metal from furnaces and crucibles. The Q501 Series QuickPump is designed to easily fit within small crucibles and holding furnaces with a base that measures less than 10.1” x 7.2” (26cm x 19cm) and weighs less than 70 lbs.

Optional Configurations

The Q501 Series QuickPump is available with either a bottom-only feed or bottom-top feed. When used to empty a furnace or crucible, the bottom-only feed configuration is most effective. When used for process transfer applications, the bottom-top feed draws equal portions of molten metal from above and below the pump base to improve homogeneity. The Q501 can be converted from a top-feed only to a bottom-top feed simply by swapping the impeller.

The Q501 Series QuickPump shown here is configured with an Air Motor; however Electric Motor options are available. The electric motor is a 3-phase induction motor compatible with inverter type motor speed controllers. The air motor option has the added benefit of operating without electricity and can be operated from bottled or house nitrogen.

Metal Compatibility

The Q501 Series QuickPump design is compatible with non-ferrous metals including Aluminum, Zinc, and Lead. The optional Cover Gas Configuration extends the pump compatibility to include reactive metals such as Magnesium.








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