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Stainless Steel Lead (Pb, Sn) Pump

The Bulldog Tradition in Stainless Steel Construction

The Bulldog pump design has a long tradition of tough construction for rough operation conditions. The hardy nature of lead dross frequently leads to the use of brute force methods that go as far as using a jackhammer to loosen dross. Consequently, graphite based pumps sometime have short lifetimes in lead application. The stainless steel pump is both a bit tougher and a bit more compact.

Stainless Steel Construction

The stainless steel construction includes the pump base, shaft, shaft sleeve, impeller and riser. The standard impeller for lead use is constructed of graphite and includes silicon carbide bearings.

For tin (Sn) operation, an all stainless impeller is recommended.

Cover Gas Feature

The optional Cover Gas features displaces the molten metal in the shaft sleeve with a neutral gas (nitrogen or argon) to reduce dross generation, reduce power consumption, and extend component life.

The B201SG is the smallest of the Stainless Steel Lead Pumps. The small base fits easily in most lead pots with room to spare.