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Circulate Continuously – Transfer on Demand

Chameleon Series Aluminum Pumps Circulate Continuously – Transfer on Demand Customized to Your Application PLC Controlled for Dependable Operation Patented Dual Volute Technology Patented Removable Riser Patented High Volume Impeller Well Size Limitations No Longer Drive Compromise A recent survey of installed aluminum reverb furnaces found that most included a pump well only large enough …


Re-use of a Graphite Pump – Not a Warped Idea – Update 11-Jan-16

Updated 11 January 16 Unlike stainless steel pumps, graphite pumps can be quickly and easily reintroduced into the molten metal bath, and the pump will operate with the same efficiency as when removed from the melt. This capability is because graphite retains its structural and dimensional integrity while stainless steel becomes flexible and deforms at …


New Poseidon Series Molten Metal Circulation Pump Brings Radical Dross Reduction

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Poseidon Series Molten Metal Circulation Pump Brings Radical Dross Reduction Chagrin Falls, Ohio – May 22, 2014 – High Temperature Systems, Inc., a world leader in non-ferrous molten metal circulation and transfer technology, announces the introduction of the Poseidon Series molten metal circulation pump. The Poseidon Series pump design is essential …


Reduce Melt Loss AND Reduce Your Carbon FootPrint!

Surface dross generation rates are affected by several factors including: Metal Temperature – Often “dominates the equation” above 730°C (1350°F). Surface Area – Can be moderated by a heavy argon cover gas. Turbulence – Induced by flow and mechanical systems, increases effective surface area. Direct Incorporation – Mechanisms that force gas and dross below the metal …


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint! CIRCULATE

The plot below shows surface and bottom molten metal temperatures before and after about 5 minutes of proper circulation. The bottom and surface temperatures start out with roughly 100C difference. Within 5 minutes of turning on the circulation pump, the temperature uniformity is within a 10C. There are two immediate observations that can be made: …


Maintenance Pumps and Typical Use Cases

About 10% of molten metal pumps are used exclusively for maintenance applications. It is not uncommon to use a maintenance pump once every year to eighteen months. Long term storage of a pump, especially a pump that has been exposed to molten metal, requires special considerations. Maintenance pumps tend to undergo rougher duty than continuous circulation and transfer pumps. …


Graphite Properties and Application in Molten Metal Pumps

Graphite is the refractory material of choice for many non-ferrous molten metal pump applications. Below is a list of graphite characteristics that are important in pump applications: Dimensional Integrity – Graphite maintains mechanical dimensional integrity across a wide range of temperatures. Unlike steel alloys that bend and twist, graphite remains dimensionally stable and displays relatively …


Press Release: Q501 Series QuickPump for $4995.00!

We are proud to officially announce a NEW Q501 Series QuickPump. (Press Release) The QuickPump is priced at $4995.00 USD and is IN STOCK NOW!