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Pump Installation Planning Guidelines – Part 2 – Pump Startup Scheduling

Overview In Part 1 we discussed the pump installation planning from the highest level. We identified the typical stakeholders, and we briefly touched on each stakeholders concerns and goals. The project’s overall schedule is scalable and is highly dependent upon the size of the operation, the number of furnaces, and the role the furnaces play …


Preparing the Pump for Storage – Operational Assessment and Removal from Metal

Operational Assessment – Before Removing the Pump from the Metal About 10% of pumps are used exclusively for scheduled furnace maintenance. Between usages, these pumps need to be properly stored and maintained. The first step to good pump maintenance is an operational assessment. Study the pump’s operation prior to de-energizing and removal from the molten …


Preheating Stations

While not an absolute requirement, most molten metal pump operators benefit from utilizing a preheat station: Less down time between pump changes. Reduced risk of thermal shock damage when installing a pump. Decreased preheat time. Improved safety. WARNING – GRAPHITE CONTAINING MOISTURE MAY EXPLODE IN MOLTEN METAL!  ALWAYS REFER TO THE MANUAL THAT SHIPPED WITH YOUR …