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Preheating Stations

While not an absolute requirement, most molten metal pump operators benefit from utilizing a preheat station: Less down time between pump changes. Reduced risk of thermal shock damage when installing a pump. Decreased preheat time. Improved safety. WARNING – GRAPHITE CONTAINING MOISTURE MAY EXPLODE IN MOLTEN METAL!  ALWAYS REFER TO THE MANUAL THAT SHIPPED WITH YOUR …


Hoist Considerations

Before you use that shiny new electric hoist, consider this. Hoists that are not equipped with variable speed controls can be hazardous to your health and the health of your molten metal pump. Recently, I have heard a range of complaints regarding poor speed control with electric hoists. In most cases, the speed is to too …


Rock Catcher Basics

Rock Catchers are used to keep large chunks of material from interfering with proper pump operation. Rocks, chunks, clumps, are all terms to describe material in the melt that is a bit too large to flow through the impellers orifices. Rocks are comprised of: Chunks of scrap that have not fully melted. These will eventually melt …


Updated Q501 QuickPump Brochure

We just updated the Q501 QuickPump Brochure: Q501A QuickPump Brochure 20131027pdm