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Graphite – Non-Wetting in Molten Zinc

Graphite is a fantastic refractory material. Graphite’s characteristics include a very low thermal coefficient of expansion, high-temperature tolerance, light weight, and relatively low cost. There are other materials that can be used to build zinc pumps such as MoW or Moly-Tungsten, but the MoW is very expensive and hard to work resulting a pump that is …


Re-use of a Graphite Pump – Not a Warped Idea – Update 11-Jan-16

Updated 11 January 16 Unlike stainless steel pumps, graphite pumps can be quickly and easily reintroduced into the molten metal bath, and the pump will operate with the same efficiency as when removed from the melt. This capability is because graphite retains its structural and dimensional integrity while stainless steel becomes flexible and deforms at …


Preparing the Pump for Storage – Operational Assessment and Removal from Metal

Operational Assessment – Before Removing the Pump from the Metal About 10% of pumps are used exclusively for scheduled furnace maintenance. Between usages, these pumps need to be properly stored and maintained. The first step to good pump maintenance is an operational assessment. Study the pump’s operation prior to de-energizing and removal from the molten …


Maintenance Pumps and Typical Use Cases

About 10% of molten metal pumps are used exclusively for maintenance applications. It is not uncommon to use a maintenance pump once every year to eighteen months. Long term storage of a pump, especially a pump that has been exposed to molten metal, requires special considerations. Maintenance pumps tend to undergo rougher duty than continuous circulation and transfer pumps. …


Graphite Properties and Application in Molten Metal Pumps

Graphite is the refractory material of choice for many non-ferrous molten metal pump applications. Below is a list of graphite characteristics that are important in pump applications: Dimensional Integrity – Graphite maintains mechanical dimensional integrity across a wide range of temperatures. Unlike steel alloys that bend and twist, graphite remains dimensionally stable and displays relatively …