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Our 3 Basic Steps to World Class Graphite Component Performance:
  1. Highest Quality Raw Materials – We work a range of suppliers to ensure selection the best available graphite for our product performance requirements.  We purchase only untreated materials to ensure purity and compatibility with our in-house proprietary treatment processes.
  2. Machine Before Treatment – Graphite impregnation processes have a limited penetration depth, so purchasing treated graphite and machining away the oxidation inhibitors makes little sense. At High Temperature Systems, we machine our graphite components prior to impregnation.
  3. Proprietary Impregnation Treatment Processes – Our finished graphite shapes are impregnated with a proprietary oxidation inhibitor that substantially increases oxidation resistance, and improves atmospheric moisture resistance for improved shelf life.

These three steps ensure that our graphite is the highest performing graphite on the market.



Silicon Carbide

We purchase a range of high performance SiC materials for use as bearing materials and protective sleeving. Our machine shop is equipped for cutting and precision grinding of SiC in both raw and final finish configurations. Precision applications require post assembly diamond wheel grinding to ensure maximum pump efficiencies.

Patented Technologies

High Temperature Systems, Inc. has been patenting key molten metal pump technologies for more than 40 years and holds many of the most important patents in the industry. Our patented technologies result in the highest performance pumps on the market. The link below provides a glimpse into our patent portfolio.

Our patent portfolio on Google Patents.