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Trident Series Rotary Flux Injection

trident series rotary flux injection system

Extraordinary precision and repeatability for the best possible results every time. PLC controlled, VFD controlled direct-drive injection rotor, VFD controlled auger-based flux dispenser, and optional flux canister level sensor. One button operation, password protected LCD HMI touchscreen programming interface and operational status display.

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Trident Rotary Flux Injection System

While rotary degassing has long been recognized as the fastest degassing method, rotary flux injection systems have failed to provide predictable dependable results until now. The Trident system ensures ideal outcomes every time through repeatable dosing, precise mixing dynamics, and PLC controlled sequencing; while bringing the ease of “one-button operation” and touch-panel programming.

Key Features

Direct Drive PLC/VFD control and a direct drive induction motor ensure accurate and repeatable rotor action and mixing dynamics. Unlike belt-driven rotor assemblies, the direct drive VFD controlled induction motor turns at the programmed RPM every time.

Auger-based Flux Metering PLC/VFD controlled auger-based flux metering system ensures highly repeatable flux dosing. The mechanical motion of the auger feeds powdered flux into a gas transport system that moves the flux through the hollow rotor shaft to be dispensed under the molten aluminum where maximum mixing occurs.

One-Button Operation Operators can initiate the fluxing and degassing operation with the press of a single button. This ensures easy operation even while wearing protective gear such as gloves, face mask, etc.

Touch Panel Programming A heavy-duty touch panel (HMI) provides engineers with an easy interface for setting flux and degas parameters. The programming features are password protected to prevent unauthorized user changes to the recipes.


Low Flux Monitor – Prevent operation with an empty flux canister. Detect “low-flux” condition within the flux canister and halt operation until the canister is replenished. This feature safeguards against initiating a flux injection process with insufficient flux.

Remote Monitor – Upgrade to the remote monitor capability to allow the Trident to be monitored in a remote location. The remote monitor duplicates the view of the HMI via a web browser and allows remote programming.

Thermocouple Monitor – Monitor and record metal temperature. The thermocouple is monitored by the PLC and metal temperatures are recorded at the beginning and end of the flux injection sequence.

Multimedia HMI – The base unit includes a touch-screen HMI for programming and operation; while the Multimedia HMI includes video maintenance guides.

Network Data Logging – Log data to network storage to track metal temperatures, process times, etc.